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Finding good childcare can be difficult and time consuming. We like to simplify your search and make the process as hassle-free as possible for you. We review the resumes, we do the interviews, we check the references, and we evaluate match compatibility.

We differentiate ourselves from other staffing services because we take the time to get to know all of our families--there are very few instances that we do not meet in person. Likewise, we maintain close relationships with our caregivers in our curated network. Since we have years of personal experience babysitting and nannying for families in a range of situations and environments, we understand that every family looks for different qualifications in a caregiver, as well as the importance of having a personality match.


Whether you need to schedule a babysitter one month in advance, or 24 hours in advance, Koches Koncierge will match you with a sitter with whom you can trust and feel confident leaving your kids. Because we start with an in-home consultation, we are confident that we will make matches based on your ideal sitter. Before booking a sitter, you will receive his/her profile to review.

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Deciding between daycare and in-home childcare is an extremely personal, and typically, difficult decision. Our nannies will help you during the busiest times in your life and they will quickly become an extension of your family. Our after-school nannies are comfortable driving your children to and from activities, will provide homework help, and can start meal preparation.



An extra set of hands on vacation is always a good idea. You want to enjoy your family time with your little one, but you don’t want to feel confined by mid-day naps and early bedtimes. Our vacation nannies are fast learners and will easily adapt to your family’s vacation routine.

We all have that room that has become a central depository for all of life's extra stuff. We can organize and make these rooms both functional and visually appealing. 



If you’re bringing your kids to an out-of-town wedding, but they aren’t invited to the entirety of the event, we can help. Our babysitters can babysit in your hotel room and take the kids to various activities during the day.


If your regular rotation of babysitters is unavailable and you are left in a pinch, Koches Koncierge can meet your one-time booking need.


If your kids are too old for a traditional babysitter, but still need someone to transport them from one activity to the next, we can match you with a driver. Or if you just need someone to run errands for you, our network of errand runners is happy to do this, as well.

Pricing upon request.

Babysitters are paid directly by the client at the end of the babysitting term and hourly rate should be negotiated by the client and sitter. Koches Koncierge recommends a sitter rate between $15 and $20 per hour, based on the number of children and responsibilities. 

Babysitters are guaranteed a three-hour paid minimum for each booking. Koches Koncierge is guaranteed a three-hour paid minimum for each booking.

A $15 late-booking fee will incur for service requests less than 48 hours before the fulfillment date.

A $50 cancellation fee will incur if a client cancels less than 48 hours before the service fulfillment date.

Koches Koncierge Membership is not necessary to use one-time booking services, such as wedding babysitting and non-member babysitting. A $50 per day flat-rate deposit is due prior to service fulfillment.

Terms are subject to change. For up-to-date terms, click here. 

Interested in becoming part of our babysitter network and working with Koches Koncierge clients? Click here.

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