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Our personal styling approach is both easy and fun. We start with an in-closet consultation to learn about your go-to pieces, your wishful pieces, and your must-go pieces. We help you visualize your inspiration outfits and start building your wardrobe with pieces that you already own.


When needed, we will shop for you and purchase key pieces for everyday wear, or help you select options for a special event. We always handle picking items up, returning pieces, and taking items to consignment. We keep in mind your wish-list pieces, and will let you know when a store has them in stock or on sale.


An added bonus, we also organize your closet from your high heels to your bulky sweaters. A visually-appealing closet helps getting ready transition from a mundane task to more of an enjoyable [and efficient] activity.


Getting ready and need approval of your outfit at the last minute? Through text support we’ll offer you that second opinion you're seeking.


I’m telling all my friends that Colleen and Natalie are helping me become an adult.


                                                 -Sarah, Personal Styling Client

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