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Over-scheduled and overwhelmed? Sometimes a second pair of hands is all you need to help juggle the multiple hats you wear on any given day. Think of us as your Type-A best friend: you can call us when you’re in a bind, and know that we’ll always be there for you (with a notebook in hand!).

We pay personal attention to details and will help you navigate through your growing to-do list. Allow us to manage your family’s comings and goings so that dentist appointments are never forgotten, the fridge is always stocked with healthy options, and the sports uniforms are washed and ready to go on game days.


If you are interested in more than occasional help, our personal assistants are available to you on a consistent basis. After a few days working together, we are confident that a relationship will quickly transpire, and you will feel comfortable handing off projects. Our personal assistants are flexible, self-starters, and can work independently.

Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:


email and calendar management // appointment setting // waiting services // school and extracurricular activity calendar scheduling // school admissions assistance // resumé editing // children’s birthday party assistance // wedding and social event coordinating // grocery shopping, delivery, and unpacking // back-to-school supply shopping // store returns // errand running // seasonal clothing swapping, shopping, and organizing // family meal planning and personal chef services // dorm shopping and preparation // holiday  card assistance and mailings // gift wrapping // house staff training // vehicle services 

All service requests are subject to a one-hour paid minimum, including drive time to and from service locations. Same-day and next-day service requests will incur an additional $15 per hour expedited fee. Some exceptions apply. 
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