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Whether you have multiple homes or travel frequently, we can help operate and oversee the ins and outs of your home. Headed to warmer temps for the winter? Koches Koncierge will keep your engines running smoothly while you’re sipping mai tais in Hawaii (no one wants to come home to a dead car battery!). Our routine house checks ensure that your alarm system is working properly, the garden is being maintained, and packages aren’t left out on the porch.

Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:


house and pet sitting // vacation home preparation // emissions testing // waiting services // grocery shopping, delivery, and packing // waiting services // scheduling and coordinating contractors // dry cleaning drop-off and pickup // consignment drop-offs and management // home organization


Leave your home and pets knowing that someone will routinely check in. We will maintain your home's schedule by observing mail and package pickup, watering plants, tidying up, and more. We will provide comfort and attention to your pets and ensure that they have proper food, water, and outdoor playtime.


Reserve us for a full day to travel to your upcoming vacation spot and get the house ready. We will get the air conditioning running, stock the fridge and pantry with all food and drink needs, refresh the linens, and more. At the end of your trip, we are happy to return to the destination and repack your belongings and return any rentals. Your vacation time should never be stifled by getting the house ready or packing and cleaning up.


Need to transport your car from your home to your vacation spot? Our experienced drivers can help load the car with anything that won’t fit on the plane (there’s no sense in traveling with golf clubs, beach chairs, and your Bugaboo) and drive it to your destination. Arrive to your vacation without the hassle of worrying about renting a car and outfitting it with the necessary amenities.

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