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Interested in becoming part of our curated network of caregivers? We would love to hear from you! We service the best families in Baltimore-- whether they live here permanently or visit here occasionally-- and so we need the best of the best caregivers to meet our growing demand.



As experienced babysitters and nannies ourselves, we understand the importance of a personality match. We pair you with children that we know you are qualified to watch, but also with families with whom we think you will feel comfortable and connect. This is made possible because we get to know our sitters on a qualitative level, and not just by the words on a resumé. We value our in-person meetings and love to hear about our sitter’s interests, accomplishments, and goals.


Before sending you into any client’s home, we provide you with a detailed profile on the family, as well as information regarding that babysitting term’s general schedule. During the time you are working, we offer text support, so any questions or concerns can be quickly answered. By maintaining a close relationship with both our families and our sitters, we can often offer additional tips and hints to supplement the family profile.


Whether you want one babysitting job per month or prefer a weekly commitment, we work with your schedule to find you the perfect job. Another major bonus? You always have the freedom to accept or decline any job. If it’s a busy week with exams or you’re on vacation with your family, there’s no pressure to take on hours. Even if you are only available to babysit during summers or over school breaks, we welcome you to our team!

Colleen and Natalie are great to work for! I have babysat for a few different families through their company now and I'm so glad I decided to join their team. They are very understanding of my busy schedule but still find me jobs that work out for me perfectly with my inconsistent work schedule! They are also always available for questions and always checking in with you the day of the job!


-Rachel, Babysitter

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